Located in the vibrant Denver Metro Area, Prime Living specializes in providing residential assisted living services for seniors that require assistance with ADL's and memory care support. Our communities are designed with both comfort and functionality in mind while creating a home-like environment ensuring the highest standards of care.

The founders, Frank Tisby Jr. and Serena M. Tisby, helm the assisted living facility with a unique blend of skills and experiences that perfectly complement the needs of assisted living. Frank Tisby Jr., with his operational prowess, plays a pivotal role in the strategic and practical aspects of running the business. His responsibilities include real estate acquisition, personnel management, and overseeing crucial financial operations such as managing bank accounts and securing loans. His operational acumen is crucial for the facility's growth and efficient management.

Serena M. Tisby, a Licensed Practical Nurse, brings invaluable healthcare expertise to the facility. Her background in clinical care is extensive, encompassing areas such as medication reconciliation, telemetry, trach and ventilator care, G-tube/J-tube feeding care, vital monitoring, wound care, and diabetic education. Furthermore, her experience in compliance, overseeing processes focusing on state and federal regulations, ensures that the facility not only provides high-quality care but also adheres to the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance.

Together, Frank and Serena Tisby's combined strengths create a robust foundation. Their leadership goes beyond mere management; it involves creating a community where residents receive personalized care that respects their individuality and dignity. Their commitment to providing a nurturing environment for seniors, especially those requiring memory care, reflects their dedication to making a meaningful difference in the lives of the elderly and their families. Their vision and passion are integral to the facility's mission of setting new standards in assisted living care.